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Iglesia de Las Tapias

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To 1 km from Albelda de Iregua they found the remains of a church that was consisting of a central nave, head-board, portico and two lateral compartments with a sarchofagus in that of the north side. He thinks that it was constructed in the second half of the S. The VIIth, and we might include it in the group of cruciform churches of funeral type to which San Fructuoso of Montelios gave origin.

In 1979 the remains of another twin church were discovered in the same area, which seems to show that it was a duplex monastery, with the particularity that in this second church there was a hergastyle, possibly even dedicated to a monk.

Photograph provided by Dr. Martinez Tejera in his video-conference organized by Urbs Regia “Monasterios, cenobios y “solitarios” otro modo de vida en Hispania entre los siglos v y x”.


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