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Portal of the Association of Friends of Spanish Early Medieval Art which, based on a large database of medieval monuments and rural accommodation, offers its own system for creating three types of trips to Medieval Art.

Scheduled trips:

Pre-Romanesque Tourism facilitates the management of group trips and other events.

The system presents a screen for selecting scheduled trips by duration, province, date environment, type of gear and operator who organizes it. The user can fill out a form requesting the reservation, which will be automatically sent to the travel operator for confirmation.

Travel “on your own”

We distinguish two types of trips on their own in which the user can prepare their trip agenda and manage their reservations:

  • Recommended trips: The system offers a series of trips including a set of monuments to visit and the order of visits per day of the trip. The user can select it through a parametric search, modify monuments and add accommodation and departure date.
  • Trips defined by the user: in which each user can indicate the characteristics of the trip they want to make and the system will propose the monuments and accommodations for them to select those you want to visit.

Trip agenda:In all trips on its own the system creates a trip agenda with the selected elements -with photo, short description of the selected monuments and establishments and link to their file-, distances from the establishments to each selected monument and itinerary. Registered users will be able to consult their trip agendas at any time and send third parties an email with the agenda.


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Parametric selection of monuments

Parametric establishment selection

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Selection screen

Tutorial for creating trips



Definitive trip: description, itinerary, monuments and selected accommodations












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