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The objective of Pre-Romanesque Tourism has been to offer a system of Medieval Art Trips to members, sympathizers and any other user interested in knowing the monuments of that era existing in the Iberian Peninsula, all the necessary information to facilitate the visit to the monuments.

The Association of Friends of Spanish Early Medieval Art (4AsE) has made a great effort to coordinate, in such a complex online management system, the functions to be carried out by travelers: selection of monuments and consultation of visiting hours, accommodation and other rural establishments and their description and contact form. The system creates a printable travel agenda with its map and distances in km per day and the list of monuments and establishments with access to their description.


The system contemplates the management of two types of trips:

Scheduled trips:

Pre-Romanesque Tourism facilitates the management of group trips and other events, such as conferences, visits to Museums or exhibitions, among others, scheduled by our Association or by third parties, all at no cost to both travelers and tourist establishments.

* Trips to Early Medieval Art organized or in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Spanish Early Medieval Art (4AsE).

* Trips related to Medieval Spain organized by other operators.

* Special offers from travel accommodations recommended by our Association.

The system presents a screen for selecting scheduled trips by duration, province, date environment, type of gear and operator who organizes it.

The user can find out all the characteristics of the selected trip and, if applicable, fill out a form requesting the reservation, which will be automatically sent to the travel operator for confirmation.

Trips “on your own”

We distinguish two types of trips on their own in which the user can prepare their trip agenda and manage their reservations:

Recommended trips: The Association of Friends of Spanish Early Medieval Art offers the basic structure of a series of trips that we find of special interest, including a set of monuments to visit and the order of visits per day of the trip. The system presents a screen for selecting trips programmed according to with the parameters entered and offers on a map the monuments to visit and the duration of the selected trip. Optionally, it also presents the “Friendly Accommodations” on the map that will help you visit these monuments and other topics of tourist interest in the area, in all cases with access to their file. The user can indicate their departure date, number of people and room layout and generate a trip agenda that includes all the selected elements, the itinerary with distances in km and manage the reservation request at related establishments.


Trips defined by the user: in which each user can indicate the characteristics of the trip they want to take and the system will will propose the monuments so you can select the ones you want to visit.

On the first screen, the parameters of the trip to be built are defined: Name, duration in nights, departure date and description of the trip. The system presents a map of each requested province with the monuments for selection by the user and will propose the monuments. so you can select the ones you want to visit, from there the system works as in the previous case.



Trip agenda: The system creates a trip agenda with the selected elements – with a photo, short description of the selected monuments and establishments and link to their file -, distances from the establishments to each selected monument and itinerary. Registered users will be able to consult their trip agendas at any time and send third parties an email with the agenda.

On all self-service trips, a reservation request form is offered to selected hotels and other tourist establishments, which are sent to the supplier with a copy to the user. A reservation request indicator with date and time is included in the agenda. The establishment must respond to early medieval and will be marked as reserved when forwarding the response to the customer, who pays directly to the accommodation.

We also offer a TUTORIAL  to help you use our travel management system.



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