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Harvest time in Beatus and Apocalypse

15.1 – And the vine was harvested; the grapes were thrown into the huge vat of God’s wrath. This tank was trampled outside the city, and the blood flowed to the jaws of the horses in an area of one thousand six hundred stadia.

The beatos are copies of the Commentaries on the Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana that respect its text and the theme and situation of the images, although each miniaturist interpreted it according to their imagination, its technical characteristics and its quality.

Although the European Apocalypses were not copies of the Beatus Commentary, as they also follow the book of Saint John of Patmos, many of their images coincide in position and theme with those of the Beatus.

Here you can compare this miniature in twelve Beatus and four Apocalypse arranged chronologically, where you can check the similarities in Beatus such as the Emilianense, El Escorial and Burgo de Osma or between those of Escalada, Valcavado, Fernando I and Silos, on backgrounds with colored stripes, very different from the previous ones, while the European Apocalypses have very different approaches among themselves and with the blessed ones. To enlarge click on the image.

All the images have been obtained from the collection of studies of our friend Jean-Luc Monneret, in which he presents all the images of Beatus and Apocalypse with their description.



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