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el encanto • hotel & gastro espacio

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Category: ****

State: Avila

Region: Castilla y León

Municipality: Avila


  • El Encanto • Hotel and Gastronomic Space is designed with you in mind to ensure that your stay in Avila is unique. The perfect combination of original architectural beauty (from a 16th century mansion) and careful rehabilitation by two successful architects, Jose Ignacio Linazasoro and Carlos Jimenez Pose, gives the hotel a modern and lively feel.

    We are located in the heart of the walled city, a stone´s throw from the cathedral, in a unique enclave. The charm is characterized by its carefully maintained spaces that also serve many functions and are inviting.

    • We are the only boutique hotel in Avila
    • We have 17 rooms full of thoughtful surprises
    • We serve Breakfast a la carte with a cold buffet
    • The gastronomic space is designed for all guests to use and taste what’s cooking in the: Restaurant, café & bar, gourmet shop and cellar
    • Private parking 50 meters from the hotel with 20 spaces and reservations available
    zas y posibilidad de reservar


We are located in the heart of the walled city, a few meters from the cathedral, in a unique enclave.

Art and culture

The pleasures of traveling:

  • Art, culture and nature: Avila is a World Heritage medieval city known worldwide for its architecture and history. In addition, its geographical location is very propitious to visit different interesting natural areas
  • In our website you can find 10 interesting places to visit in Avila and within a radius of 20 kilometers from the city.
  • Gastronomy. We have an autochthonous veal breed: Avileña. Its ribeye is widely known. It is one of the specialties of the area along with Patatas Revolconas (a potato based local speciality) among many other courses. You can trythem in our restaurant.

Ofertas especiales

10% discount on accommodation by booking directly by phone (920-337-805) or mail with the code #turismoaltomedieval.

Not applicable to other offers or promotions.