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The collegiate church of Santa Maria of Valladolid was raised at the end of the 11th century inside the Romanesque own plenary session of the dates on which the city of Valladolid is founded. At the beginning of the XIIIth it was decided to reconstruct the church with three naves separated by cruciform props and head-board of three semicircular apses. The plant has been qualified to this second temple as Gothic, nevertheless, is still typical of the Romanesque one. Of the primitive Romanesque factory of the 11th century only we still have part of the tower. Not a lot of better luck traversed the church of the XIIIth, since of her there remain such partial remains as part of the walls perimetrales north and west, besides the silhouette of his plant. The most interesting thing, from the Romanesque point of view, is the corner of the cloister and the front page that he was communicating.

Full description in Colegiata de Santa María de Valladolid en Arteguias

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