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On the ruins of the Roman temple of Caesar Augusta the Visigothic church dedicated to Saint Vincent was built later and later the great Islamic mosque of Saraqusta built between 714 and 716, which would make it one of the oldest of Al-Andalus . Alfonso I, the Battler, conquered Zaragoza on December 18, 1118, reinstating the Christian cult in the great mosque, provisionally converted into a church under the invocation of San Salvador in his Epiphany. There are cataloged three chronological moments in the Romanesque temple of La Seo: a first one of provisional use of the mosque, a second one that extends between years 1175 and 1198 when the head of five apses is built as well as the cover the feet of the temple and a third phase between 1225 and 1235 in which it was proposed to make a new transept that should not have been completed and which would correspond to three capitals found in the last excavations.

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