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Beato de Berlín

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Notas Previas

  • Reference: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.
  • Other names: Beato Antiguo, Beato Primero o Beato V. 14.1.
  • Dimensions: 30 X 19,5 cm.
  • 196 parchment foils in Carolina and Benabentana to two columns and 44 lines per page.
  • 55 miniatures.
  • Millennium Liber.

Entorno histórico

Dating from the beginning of the twelfth century, it is one of the blesseds created outside Spain, possibly in some monastery of central or southern Italy as the Blessed of Geneva, although a century later, to which should be the use of Beneventin writing in addition to the carolina. Once belonged to the collection of Carlo Morbio of Milan is currently located in the Statatsbibliothec Preussischer Khulturbesitz of Berlin


He is one of the least known blesseds. With 98 folios of 300 X 190mm written in Carolina and Benaventana, although the Visigothic letter is used in the texts the small pen drawings, it offers a very different appearance from the rest of the blesseds.

Attributed to some monastery in the centre or south of Italy for the use of benaventana letters and for its 55 pen drawings decorated with red, ochre and yellow pigments, in which great influences of the apocalyptic iconography are observedByzantine, which is one of the main attractions of this work, since it includes an archaic and distinct version of the iconographic program found mostly in other testimonies of the series, while Jhon Williams includes it in the Family I, the same group as the Blessed of Burgo de Osma and Lorvao, although the characteristics of their miniatures, as we have already indicated, are very different and have some relation to those of the Blessed of Geneva.

However an image on folio 76, representing a man enthroned and crowned touching the forehead of the leader of a group of men, has no parallels with any tradition of the blessed and is difficult to interepretation.

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