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The seven angels and the plagues of God’s wrath in Beatus and Revelation

15.1-4 – Another great and wonderful miracle appeared in the sky. Seven angels held seven plagues that were to consume the wrath of God.

There it lay like a sea of glass at the edge of which stood those who had vanquished the beast. Accompanied by divine harps they sang the song of Moses, servant of God, and the song of the Lamb: “All nations will come and prostrate themselves at your feet, because your judgments have been manifested.

The “beatos” are copies of the Commentaries on the Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana that respect its text and the theme and situation of the images, although each miniaturist interpreted it according to their imagination, its technical characteristics and its quality.

Although the European Apocalypses were not copies of the Beatus Commentary, as they also follow the book of Saint John of Patmos, many of their images coincide in position and theme with those of the Beatus.

Here you can compare this miniature in fifteen Beatus and four Apocalypse, arranged chronologically, in which you can see how in this case the structure of the Beatus of Escalada is also maintained in most of the Beatus, with the angels in the lower part. upper and the adoration of the Lamb in the lower one, while in the first Apocalypses we do not find the image of the singers with harps, in those after the twelfth century they have a similar meaning, although the image of the Lamb does not appear, which we have seen in most of the blessed To enlarge click on the image.

All the images have been obtained from the collection of studies of our friend Jean-Luc Monneret, in which he presents all the images of Beatus and Apocalypse with their description.


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