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General description of the manuscripts


Some Catalan monastery - Principles of S. XII - Biblioteca Nazionale, Turín

Copy of the Blessd of Gerona in Caroline typeface of great quality, little after 1100 in a Catalonian scriptorium, possibly Ripoll. It consists of 214 pages in parchment of 360 x 275 mm and 106 miniatures with text to two columns and 42 lines per page. It maintains the structure of the Blessed of Gerona but with a different typsetting and colours, and modifying characters’ apparel to adjust them to the time it was copied.


Monastery of Valcavado - 970 - Biblioteca de la Universidad de Valladolid

It is one of the most interesting Pre Romanesque codex that has reached these days. It was illuminated by the monk Oveco for the abbot Sempronius from the monastery of St. Mary of Valcavado in 970, in just 92 days. Today it consists of 230 pages of 355 x 245 mm and contains 87miniatures of great beauty, magnificently coloured that are preserved in very good condition. Its technique, similar to that of the best Leonese codex of that period, is of great quality.

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