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Vision of Spanish Blesseds and European Apocalypse

IMAGE OF THE BLESSED. Exceptional work

A few months ago Jean-Luc Monneret contacted us and explained to us that since the Exhibition of Europalia in Brussels in 1984 in which all the originals of the manuscripts were gathered that are preserved from the copies of the Commentary to the Apocalypse of Beato de Liébana (Blessed), which impressed him, he is making a collection of studies in which he acts on the digitalization of each original, cleaning his images, which he presents with his description. At the moment it has finished sixteen and is looking for the digitalization of those who still lack.

Also, in his collection of manuscripts he has begun to include similar studies of the European Apocalypses that also seem very interesting to us.

Your task has seemed so exceptional to us that we have asked your permission to make it known on this website and in our RRSS and here you have access to all the works that we have included so far.

Click on each image to access the images and the French texts of the manuscript.

We hope you like them as much as we do.

The Spanish Beatos



European apocalypse

Other manuscripts



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